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Joined in 2014 - Ongoing

The character was created in 2009

ASMA is a superhero from another planet and offers the light of hope to those who have lost theirs. Marlene Mongue-Din's character was created to interact in the Marvel Universe.

Synopsis of the story


Oh how quickly life can change! In the blink of an eye Asma Jensen, Queen of the planet Metron, was forced into an everlasting slumber. Her sleeping pod was discovered several millennia later during an archeological excavation and was taken to a secret facility owned and ran by the president of her new homeland. During an experiment with her pod, it was accidentally opened and Asma woke up into this new world of advanced technology.


Asma demonstrated powers and abilities that were not possessed by any metroians and she felt it was necessary to conceal her knowledge of the past. After an extensive period of tests, the president offered Asma to become the new asset of her taskforce team. She accepted the offer knowing she had to adapt to make a new life for herself in this foreign world. However, the level of normalcy she obtained for two years was about to emerge into chaos. The president of her new homeland survived an assassination attempt and now Asma and her teammates are tasked with investigating the failed coup. But none of them realize just how big of an adventure they were about to experience.

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