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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are character concepts?

Character concepts focus on drafting what a character looks like in order to find out what they should look like for the final production process and nothing more. Comic pages would be important for storytelling but you will need the concepts of the characters first.


To further explain, concept art acts as one or more forms of visual assets for artists to use (if you intend to go to a different artist in the future for instance) and is used for heavier production (creating comic pages, covers, animation, games, character sheets, character splash art, posters, etc.) You can view it as stage one (1) of many stages during project productions. The same goes for world environments or weapons or other tools.


Concept art is heavy on portraying an idea, in a rough way, that conveys it clearly enough before going into more refined stages. Some character concepts would be processed into character sheets to be used in 3D rendering for instance as it's vital for 3D renders. In studios, they would have artists make rough concepts of something (environments, weapons, objects, or characters) before having it refined either by the same artist or by a different artist, creating splash art/posters, covers, etc.


What makes a good character design?

We love characters that feel real, even though they are made up for the most part. We take inspiration from others all the time, whether it was from long ago or inspiration struck right away!

Translating a character to fit your story and making them into a solid design takes those feel-real ingredients. So, the character design should have key elements that pertain to the reality of which the character lives and how they perceive themselves.


How do I prepare for character designing?

The main thing artists need to make a character from scratch is an idea. You need simple, organized, and direct information about the character for the artists to absorb and work from. This includes ideas about their color palette to their personality. You are describing a made-up individual in simple short terms, and possibly images, to have the character translated by the artists.


Below are character description documents:


What is an illustration?

Illustrations convey a story or premiss of one and are often used for covers, promotional ads, playing cards, and splash art, to name a few.

Making illustrations takes assets if you have the necessary ones, and references to convey your idea most and not just written material. Illustrations are made from concept to final render.

Preparing for an Illustration commission

Artists will need organized information that is simple and direct about your idea. This can include ideas about color palette to the atmosphere that engages the visual of what you want to convey and assets for characters if they are in the work. Be ready to discuss your idea over consultation by making a list of questions if you have any.


How long do updates take?

Depending on your type of commissioned service, it can take anywhere from two (2) days to one (1) week to receive an update on your commission. But please be patient.


What is your payment service through?

My preferred payment service is through PayPal, and you can expect an invoice after confirming that you’d like to proceed with your commission during your first consultation.


Why do I need a consultation no matter what I get?

It’s best to get a good understanding of your project/commission before we proceed. Sometimes it’s necessary to discuss the particulars if you have any questions and want to get clarity about any aspect of your commission. You can choose to do it through email, over the phone, or video chat, and the time and day.


How much are the consultation fees?

All fees go towards the price of your commission but are not refundable. In order to secure your consultation, the payment for it must be made upon receiving the email for making the date and time. If you decide not to get the commission the fee goes towards the time taken to discuss your commission and is non-refundable.


  • Email is $25 for the first half-hour.

  • Over the phone is $50 for the first half-hour.

  • For video chat, it’s $50 for the first half-hour.


How do I make the best of my consultation?

Review the questions within the FAQ section that pertains to your commission. I’ve also made a checklist for things that might help you with getting materials together for your commission. You should have at least one (1) to two (2) of the following items ready to discuss during your consultation.


  • An organized character description document

  • Or concept art (character concepts, environment concepts, item/weapon concepts)

  • Or character sheet


  • A ready script

  • A ready outline (be ready to discuss the nature of your project)

  • An NDA (if you have one)


Possible topics...

  • What are you looking to achieve with the artwork services? (A pitch, a poster, a long-term project?)

  • What is the genre of your story? (if this pertains to your commission service)

  • Is there a particular style you are going for? (realism, cartoon, cutesy, etc.)

What should I expect in my digital order of artwork deliverables once services are complete?

You should expect a PNG. or a PSD. file, in high quality upon delivery through email for digital goods. PNG files are standard high-quality file types that are sent out after final payment. However, you can request both or specify which you’d prefer.

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Still have questions?

I'd love to discuss it with you.

So, please be sure to ask them during your consultation!

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