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ONYXCON has decided to use my artwork 'Magic' in the flier for ONYXCON Infinity! Wowza!

The artist/founder/president of Onyxcon, Joseph R Wheeler III contacted me back at the end of December to get me to appear at the ONYXCON Infinity event. I was so flattered that he wanted me to be there as a special guest and I was trying my best to earn up for the event but I wasn't able to and had to cancel attending. He however approached me further and asked if he could use one of my artworks for the ONXYCON fliers. I told him I would love that and suggested 'Magic' to be used. He agreed with great admiration of the work and enthusiasm that made me even more eager to see the out come of the fliers! I deeply appreciate Joseph's intrigue into my artwork and wanting to help expose it for the world to see!

The ONYXCON celebrates diversity with focus on the impact, contributions, & presence of the African Diaspora in realms of imagination via the popular Arts!

This coming August they are holding a special exhibition honoring ancestral artist in the show titled 'The Resurrection' which I know will be fantastic and inspiring! It is created to be a salute to transitioned Artist like PHIFE Dawg, PRINCE, ALI, VANITY, and any ancestor being an eligible muse. The work that is to be presented there will be from different artist with their fantastic approaches to paying them homage. They will also of course have many artist coming out as vendors from all over the country.

With the film festival they'll be featuring new films by great producers like Creative Genius Films and more. As well as having an one on one interview with Joseph R Wheeler III (Artist/ONYXCON President) & GUI DaSILVA (THE STUNT DOUBLE FOR BLACK PANTHER in Captain America: CIVIL WAR) and lots more.

I only wish I could have attended this year. But I do hope everyone who does go has a great experience at the event!

The ONYXCON Infinity dates are posted to be from Fri, Aug 19, 2016 6:00pm Sat, Aug 20, 2016 until 9:00pm. It's location is Southwest Arts Center 915 New Hope Road Atlanta, GA 30331

If you happen to miss this event visit them at and see about attending the next one!

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